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Kandi and Mine before and afterLeslie, MandindKandimandi-kandi

The picture above is our before and after that was featured in the Leslie newsletter. My weight has been a lifelong struggle.  I learned early on to use food for comfort.  I hid behind being overweight.  It people didn’t like me then it was because I was big.  I also used  Looking at myself in that picture I am so proud of that girl for taking that first step toward help in November 05.  I have come so far.   I used to me so shy and backward girl.  I never let anyone see the real me.  I weighed 290.5 lbs when I started my journey and now I am 135 lbs lighter.




First Class as Certified Leslie Sansone Walk Leaders!!!! pa june 1st

Have a BLESSED day!!!!!!!!!

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