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kandi's before and after 

Kandi’s  Story


A defining moment in my life was at the age of 7 was when my dad passed away. I turned to food my entire life. I remember feeling sad, hopeless, desperate, afraid, worthless and un-loveable.   In 2005 I discovered Leslie’s video tape the Walk Diet and from the first time walking with her, I was hooked.  In September 2007 after trying for 2 ½ years to become pregnant I found out that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and was told that I would never conceive on my own. I was so depressed and sad and seeing that, my Mom asked Mandi and me to join Weight Watchers with her. We agreed! In October 2007 we walked into our 1st WW meeting and were also hooked. Within 3 months on both programs I had removed 25 lbs. and on December 17th   I learned that I was expecting. God had healed my body! I have made a promise to GOD that I would not take his healing for granted and I would not let my weight keep me from having more children.


           In August, 2008 I had Riley and weighed in that morning at 268 lbs. I knew watching Mandi remove a lot of weight during my pregnancy that I could do it to. In September 2008 I rejoined WW. With having the magic of both WW and Leslie’s program I removed 110 lbs. in 19 months. In April 2010 I was 2.6 lbs. away from my Lifetime goal with WW when we found out we were expecting again. God is so Good!


            Since having my second daughter Avery, my weight loss journey took a slower pace. I finally made my lifetime goal of 115 lbs. removed after 5 years 4 months and 2 beautiful girls in March 2013. That was an Amazing Life changing month. Meeting a goal that I had worked so long for and winning Leslie’s Share Our Story Contest and meeting Leslie changed my life. I will be forever grateful to Leslie and to my Weight Watcher family. Mandi and I are blessed beyond anything we could ever have dreamed possible but we are living proof that Change can happen when you Believe in yourself, Because now we know We are Worth It!



mandi before and aft



Mandi’s Story

My weight problem had been an issue for me for most of my entire life.  At the age of 7 my dad passed away and from then on I used food to cope with the loss.   I remember being so unhappy and feeling so hopeless.   The change in me started in Nov 05 when I had my light bulb moment.  While watching a   Disney world promo video and eating two bags of Halloween candy I realized at 290 pounds I would never fit on those rides and in that moment I decided I wanted different so I got up and did my first half mile with Leslie’s dvd.   I loved how real Leslie was and that her videos are so simple but yet so effective.   I continued to do the videos and in 9 months I had removed 41 pounds when I became pregnant with my first son, Kaden.  I continued to exercise my entire pregnancy.

 In October 07 three months after Kaden was born, my mom, sister Kandi, and I joined Weight Watchers.  WW and Walk at Home videos worked like magic together.  I met my lifetime goal after removing 142 lbs. in Feb 2009.    I began working as a receptionist for WW in March 09 and still hold that position.  Kandi and I both have changed so much on the outside but the biggest changes happened inside. We used to be so shy and inward people.  We used to have such low self- esteem and worth.  We dug deep inside and came to realize that we used our weight as  a shield. We used it as an excuse to keep people at a distance and to protect ourselves from other people leaving us.  There was only a select few people that saw the real us but little by little and step by step the shields broke off.  In our WW meeting our leader now says that we were cocoons that have turned into butterflies.  This is exactly what we feel like.


 In December of 2011 I had my second son Zack.  I used Walk at Home dvd and WW to get back to my goal weight.  In March of 2013 Kandi and I entered the Share your Story contest and to our shock and excitement  we won.  That was another defining moment in our journey.  Meeting Leslie and the Walk at home team along with the walk leaders  reignited a passion and desire that had seemed unreachable to us.  We wanted to be WALK LEADERS.  So we decided to do it.  We became certified on my son Kaden’s birthday June 1, 2013 and we formed our business together Just 2 Believe Fitness.  We had our first Walk live class on July 2 and we continue to teach classes together.  Our desire is to pay it forward and bring hope and belief to those that are where we used to be.    We thank God that he lead us to  Walk at Home videos and WW and that our biggest dreams are coming true.  We now are living the life that seemed so unreachable and we cannot wait to see what the future holds for us and our families.

2 Mile Walk Live Class

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New 8 week session starts tomorrow 2-9-15

Come find out what walk live is all about.  The workout for every fitness level. Go at your own pace.  You can’t do it wrong.

Class pass is 25.00   Drop in fee per class is 5.00 Kids 12 and under are free and encouraged to come.  We have a SWEATY FUN time!!!!     The class based on Leslie sansone walk at home dvds.  You can check her videos out at www.walkathome.com.

Feb 9, 2015 thru April 6th 2015 Mondays only @7:30 pm please arrive by 7:20 first night to fill out paperwork.  Thanks!!!

no class Feb 23rd

Location Catch my party exit 10 bristol va  Hope to see ya there.


Walk Live 1 Mile Demo Tonight!!!!!! 11-3-14

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Join us to discover what walk live is all about.

The workout that ANYONE CAN DO!! 

Free 1 mile Walk Live demo


Catch My Party Exit 10 Bristol VA

7:30 pm- 8:00 pm 

Door Prizes will be raffled off too!!!!!


Limited number of T-shirts will be available for purchase @ 10.00 sizes Large and XL only  Tote Bags are  8.00.

We are twin sisters who have removed and kept off a combined total of 250 lbs together.  

Believe in Yourself, Because you are WORTH it!!!!!

Kandi and Mine before and after

Unveiling Thursday!

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Unveiling Thursday! I can hardly remember the girls on the left.These past 7 years we have grown so much in our Belief of Who We Are in God’s Eyes! Beautiful, Worthy, and Kind. Our passion now is to help others see that they can live the life that God wants them to live. We aren’t supposed to live believing we are unworthy, undeserving, or in defeat.  I am in the black tank top and then the blue dress. So proud of the girl I am and my best friend who has taught me so Much these past 7 years of unveiling who we truly are. Is keeping the weight off hard? YES!! Is it Worth the Hard Work? 120% Yes! As Mandi told our WW meeting this week We Are Now LIVING!!!  WW and Leslie’s program were our tools to change our lives. We are the same people but now we aren’t so afraid to show people who we really are.  Would love to see your unveiling or transformation Thursday pictures.  Believe in yourself, Because You are Worth It!! Have a great day!! 10608278_10152571597008124_1560129279608870466_o

A day of Simply Filling

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I know that I used to be AFRAID of the simply filling technique.  I wasn’t sure of my own ability to know when I was satisfied.  I have been following it now for 2 weeks and I am LOVING it.  It is so FREEING and it helps me to stay more in control.  So I thought I would share what a day on that plan looks like. I hope this helps someone to give it a try.

Breakfast 20141022_062829

2 eggs 1 egg white with Fat free shredded cheddar cheese cooked in 1 teaspoon of canola oil.  Banana and coffee has 1/4 cup of sugar free fat free caramel creme creamer (1st plus)


1/2 cup FF Dannon vanilla yogurt(1 pts+), apple and coffee with 1/4 cup sugar free fat free  caramel marshmallow creamer(1 pts+)







Tuna made with 1 teaspoon mayo (1 pts+), FF shredded cheese on 2 pieces of 25 calorie bread, Sweet potato sprinkled with cinnamon, and 8 oz of FF milk.






Afternoon snack: 94% FF popcorn






Supper:  Whole wheat spaghetti with homemade spaghetti sauce, green beans with 1 teaspoon canola oil, and 2 pieces of 35 calorie bread.







Desser3 mini carrot pumpkin cake muffins(3 pts+) with reddi whip on top


Sale on Leslie sansone super walks

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FYI Collage video is having a sale. Leslie’s Super walk set with booster cables is 9.98 plus tax I think it comes to a little over 12.00 This is a 4 dvd set a total of 12 different miles. Love these we reordered them because the booster cables by them self retail and sale for 29.00. http://www.collagevideo.com/workout-video/leslie-sansone-super-walk-deluxe-kit-9387 Check it out.

Menu Planning Where to Start?

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Written by Mandi

Weekly Meal Plan from $5 Dinners



You may think that planning your meals is overwhelming.  I look back to how I used to shop and that gets me STRESSED out.  Putting things in the cart and hoping I had something to fix for supper.   Over the years I have found that planning and shopping for the week is what works best for my family.  I tried to do a monthly plan but I have been more SUCCESSFUL dong it by the week.  I love to find FREE PRINTABLES on PINTERST of blank menu plans and print those out.

To start the planning I look at my fridge to see what meats I have and I plan my main dish out of that. If I don’t have enough I plan our the remainder.   Then I will usually pick one side to go with it.  Then I will take my menu and create my shopping list by that.   This not only saves TIME but it also SAVES MONEY.   This method helps to reduce impulse buys at the store as well.    I hope you will give menu planning a try.   Need recipe ideas check out Pinterest it is my new best friend.

Have a Blessed DAY!!!


Simple Start

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Getting started with Weight Watchers is now simpler than ever with Simple Start, a straight forward, do-able 2 week starter plan with delicious meal ideas and a great new app, to get members started losing weight and on the path to long term success.

Written by Kandi.

Being a Weight Watcher member for 6 years now and a WW receptionist for 4 months, I am so sad that I never gave Simply Filling a chance until Weight Watchers introduced the Simple Start plan this year. Simple Start is based on the Simply Filling technique which is eating mainly from the Weight Watcher Power Foods which consists of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, whole grains, low fat dairy and light bread. It has helped me cut out my cravings for sweets. You can have anything you want you just need to track your indulgences and you are allowed 7 Points Plus per day. I am finding my indulgences this week has been Oskios Greek Yogurt and 1/4 cup of Granola for 6 Points Plus. Eating healthier is making me feel so much better.  Will you give Simple Start a try? Tell us about your experiences on the new starter plan. On our Weight Watcher Facebook Group Page there are several people so happy with the results from Simple Start that they are loving this plan as well. To find out more about Weight Watchers go to Weightwatchers.com today and find a meeting in your area. Have a Great On Plan Day!



Walk Live Classes Monday’s

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cover photo for just 2 believe fitness (851x548) cropped-profile-pic-logo.jpg


2 Mile Walk Live Class resuming after our 3 week break this Monday 1-13-2014 at Four Leaf Financial Exit 7 Bristol, Va at 7:15 P.M. 

Come join us for a FUN 2 Mile Walk! Hope to see current and new class members this week. Bring a Friend- We Always have a Blast!

First Class Always FREE!  

Drop in Fee is 5.oo a class


4 Week Class Pass Available!

4 Classes for $15.00



Just 2 Believe Fitness-

Kandi and Mandi


Amazon Deals on Leslie Sansone Workouts!!

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Amazon has some great deals on Leslie Sansone DVDS even some of her newer ones are priced at 5.96 and up! Amazon prices changes constantly so if you have been wanting some new workouts Don’t Wait! I love the Walk it Off in 30 Days and her Radio Remixes! 51ZUlr6NV6L__AA160_ 51WIaWKZspL__AA160_